Custom Module Development for CMS

Custom Module Development for CMS is a core part of any cms project, because at any stage you may want to integrate your own functionality/module in your existing project. A custom module can be any combination of document types, web parts, custom admin pages, custom code, and permissions that encapsulate a set of functionality. There isn’t any one way to make a custom module.

We offer module development services based on your specific requirements.

As far as creating a custom module, there isn’t a sample because a custom module can be almost anything. On a simple level, you can IFrame Google and call it a custom module. Or you can create a “real” custom module with a custom interface, the look and feel of UI, permissions, and import/export capabilities. As far as what is official… a Custom Module is simply a set of user interface elements that you can add to the different areas of the CMS Desk or CMS Site Manager.

Our experienced personnel will set up a development project together with you and work with you through the following steps:

  • Initial evaluation of your requirements
  • Creation of comprehensive and detailed specifications
  • Full project management handling
  • Implementation of the required functionality
  • Test and documentation of the functionality


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