The real deal with Brochures

Online marketing is everything these days, but the age old concept of brochures is still powerful today as it was back then. These brochures are what initiate the customer to take action and gives a lot of weightage to your proposal. When designed correctly, a brochure can give a lot of information about your company/product in a short amount of time.

Why do you need brochures?

1.Prospects find it easier to read

Believe it or not, ordering a product using a brochure is much easier than ordering from a website.  No matter how technologically advanced we become, people still believe the content that is on paper. What do we do with classifieds? We always circle ads that we love so we remember it. Brochures work the same way.

2.It’s your sales pitch back up

By distributing printed brochures, you’re handing out your company’s brand to customers. This is something that a website is incapable of, and by doing so you are giving a tangible proof of your sales pitch. Also, it’s a versatile material to keep them engaged while they’re waiting in queues.

3.Cost effectiveness

PRs, TV and radio commercial cost you a lot more than brochures even though they pretty much do the same job. Handing out printed brochures also allows you to showcase your company’s creativity in design and promise through compelling sales content. Small businesses can benefit greatly as it is cost effective, and can boost the marketing efforts.

4.Compliments your business cards

Business cards only provide quick and handy information whereas brochures enable you to talk about your services and products in a well crafted foldable handout.


Brochures can be used over a long period of time, and it will still have the same effect on a customer. They are portable and also have proven to have better impact on customers than web content simple because they’re less strenuous.


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